The Tunnel of Tartarus



Japan Air Date

October 31, 2001

English Air Date

October 30, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Two People’s Journey to the Best Place
The 2 Big Souls

Yoh (よう) is the 18th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After Horohoro wins his last match and is qualified for the main tournament of the Shaman FightPirica orders him to train even more. Meanwhile Manta and Ryu are almost in Izumo. As they arrive at a temple, they get ambushed by Tamao and her guardian ghosts, Ponchi and Conchi. As the two spirits attack Ryu and Manta, Ryu just slaps them to the ground and defeats them. As Manta asks her if she knows anything about Yoh, Ryu asks her to go out with him but she refuses and states that she likes someone else. As Ryu approaches her, Ponchi and Conchi kick him in his shin off-screen. Meanwhile, as Tamao states that they shall leave immediately, Manta states that he will not leave until he finds Yoh. As Tamao is about to attack Manta, Anna and Amidamaru show up to stop her just in nick of time.

Later on, as everyone arrives at Yohmei's house, he tells them about Yoh's training and Yomi's hole. Meanwhile, Ryu and Mikihisa are seen heading for Yomi's hole. As Ryu tries to enter the hole, he panics and heads back to Mikihisa. Later on, Manta and Tamao have a conversation. As Tamao tells Manta that she's lived with the Asakura Family since she was four years old. Then Tamao also tells Manta that she's been doing Shaman training for a long time with Yoh, Manta then finds out that the guy Tamao liked, is Yoh. 

The next morning Tamao tells everybody that her fortune telling said that Yoh is coming out of Yomi's hole today. As everyone heads for the exit of Yomi's hole, they get ambushed by Ellie and Millie. As they tell that they want Yoh to be dead, Millie starts using Over Soul to destroy Yomi's hole's exit. As Ellie attacks Manta, Anna throws the Harusame at her so she has to stop her attack. As Ellie asks why she did that, Anna states that she just returned the sword to its owner. Then, Yoh appears and picks up Harusame. As Ellie and Millie attack, Yoh uses his new shaped oversoul and defeats the two easily. As Yoh and Amidamaru are surprised, Yohmei states that his training has already paid off. As Anna compliments Yoh for doing a good job, Yoh is reunited with Manta. As they become friends again, everybody goes home for dinner, cooked by Tamao.

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