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*Zenki and Goki are named directly after two oni attendants who were said to serve the ascetic En no Ozunu, legendary founder of '[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shugend%C5%8D shugendō]'.
*Zenki and Goki are named directly after two oni attendants who were said to serve the ascetic En no Ozunu, legendary founder of ''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shugend%C5%8D shugendō]''.

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Zenki & Goki
Zenki and Kouki.JPEG
Japanese Name: 前鬼 & 後鬼
English Name: Zenki & Kohki
Fore Fiend & Rear Fiend[1]
Meaning: "Front and Rear"
First Appearance: Chapter 90 (Manga)
Episode 34 (Anime)
Type: Shikigami (Demons)
Reiryoku Level: 10,000 each
Shaman: Hamo Tadatomo
Asakura Hao
Asakura Anna
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English VA: {{{eva}}}

Zenki and Goki (前鬼 & 後鬼, Zenki & Goki; literally Front Ogre & Rear Ogre) are two Shikigami used by Asakura Hao in his first life and later fell under the control of Kyōyama Anna.


Zenki and Goki are a pair of paper Shikigami that were captured and used by Hamo Tadatomo and later came into the possession of Asakura Hao during his first life. They are very loyal to Hao and will kill anyone who comes in their way. After being caught by Anna they seem to lose their conscience.

After Hao's first defeat by the Asakura Family, they are sealed within the Chō-Senjiryakketsu from where they will try to kill anyone who would attempt to learn the content of the book. During the Shaman Fights in the year, 2000 Tamamura Tamao accidentally releases Zenki and Goki from the book where they are quickly defeated by Kyōyama Anna who reseals them within her 1080 Prayer Beads, making them her own.


Zenki is the blue Shikigami. He has a large horn in the middle of its forehead and two downward pointing tusks. It is large and rather muscular. He uses melee combat as his main form of fighting and in the manga series, he carries a shield as well. Its eye sockets are shaped as the "Seven Star Tree of Renewal"


Goki is the red Shikigami. He has two large horns on its forehead and two upward pointing tusks. Like Zenki, he is large and muscular and uses a large battle axe for combat. His eye sockets are shaped like the "Five Point Star". Unlike Zenki, he doesn't have eyes in each point of the star, instead, he has one in the center.

Oversouls and Attacks

O.S. Zenki and Goki

O.S. Zenki & Goki

O.S. Zenki & Goki (O.S.前鬼 & 後鬼)

  • Shaman: Kyōyama Anna, formerly Asakura Hao
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Zenki & Goki (Shikigamis)
  • Medium used: The 1080 Rosary Beads

Description: Once powerful shikigamis sealed within a parchment seal by Hao to protect the Chō-Senjiryakketsu. Now they obey Anna, who subdued these fearsome spirits and made them her Spirit Allies. With her mastery of the Chō-Senjiryakketsu, Anna can easily invoke the two ogres as O.S. Zenki is formidable at melee-combat, using only his fists while Goki wields a mighty battle axe. They are also big and very intimidating.

Anime/Manga Difference

In the Anime Series, it is Hao who captures the two ogres. A flashback is shown where Hao is seen confronting and sealing them within two paper talisman.


  • Zenki and Goki are named directly after two oni attendants who were said to serve the ascetic En no Ozunu, legendary founder of shugendō.


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